English is an expressive language that is also immensely confusing if you are a writer. Here we take a look at some of the common pitfalls.

We often take for granted how we speak; then every now and again a word comes along that totally confuses us. English is at…

Ever considered what the effects of long-term stress are on the body? The mental and physical manifestations of stress can affect your whole life but it’s not too late to stress proof your life!

We are constantly bombarded by stresses in life, and when those stresses are small, we hardly…

Designers want pictures with space, but do you think like a designer or a photographer when you take your shots?

Keeping space to the right side of an image appeals to buyers who need copy space.

As tempting as it is to take lots of eye-catching images that fill the frame; it is equally as important to leave some room for copy (text). We don’t always…

Learn the benefits of chanting the Nembutsu in everyday life.

Nembutsu is a form of chanting in Pureland Buddhism. We call out Namo Amida Butsu

I can’t chant, because I can’t sing? I can’t chant, I don’t have enough time? I can’t chant because…..?

Actually you can chant, anyone can chant, you don’t need a singing voice, in fact you can chant to yourself in…

How I Used Self Portraiture, To Come To Terms With My Own Grief.

Self Portraiture by Kusumavarsa Dawn Hart from a project entitled ‘Disintegration’

The author C.S.Lewis once wrote that ‘Bereavement can be a time of despair and disintegration, as well as a time for a surprising renewal of faith’.

I started my self-portraiture project entitled ‘Disintegration’ in March 2019 just…

Kusumavarsa Dawn Hart

I started my writing career in 2000 as a features writer for a magazine. I write about Photography, Buddhism, & Life! I design and make Malas.

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